18 August 2009

Upcoming Things To Do!


Here are a couple of things we talked about at the last meeting:

~Cathy Guinn offered to host a getting ready for the fair party on the 22nd, 10:00 am - ? at her house.

~Sept Meeting moved to the 15th

~Wool Gathering at Youngs Dairy on the 19th and 20th of Sept- possible group trip/carpool

~Roadtrip in Ohio in Oct - to be determined

~Fair Entries need to be in to the Fair Office by the 21st of August.

Take care and knit well.

02 June 2009


The next meeting will be at Rebecca Wells' pond June 9th at 6:30 - don't forget to bring a covered dish and a chair to sit on! If it rains, please proceed to the hospital conference room.

Most Important: Don't forget your knitting!!!

25 May 2009

Someone was thinking

I was perusing the innernets and found out that someone thought up Knitting Cruises. Actually, it is Crafting Cruises, but you can click on your favorite craft and Bam! you find cruises to locales with knitting time worked in.

Can we say delightful?

So, this is the time to save up your pennies and buy some cheap airfare to whichever starting point and go!

24 April 2009

It takes a village of knitters

Our fellow knitters in England have knit up a storm with various projects.

Twenty years and a whole lotta wool and dedication and you have a village.

Then the requests went out and people are knitting a boat.

Finally, a request for knitters went out from the medical trust and midwives for, well, knitting for babies in a different way.

24 March 2009


My mom sent me this link and I thought some of us would enjoy it.


Hope you enjoy it!

23 February 2009


Carrie's socks1, originally uploaded by BideshiGirl.


I am still hard at work at perfecting my socks. That perfect fit, good yarn management that doesn't involve sweating bullets hoping you have just enough yarn to have closed-toe socks and an leg opening that is big enough to have your foot pass through is harder than it looks! However, I think that the sock bug is about to be squashed and a cardigan maybe on the horizon. Just in time for summer. Go figure.

I'm still working out some kinks on uploading pictures directly from Flickr and thus the really big picture of a pair of socks. Luckily (and I hope you agree), they are cute socks.

Stay warm and knit well.