29 January 2009

Hi Everyone
I finally took time to join. Wasn't hard at all. Put a shortcut on my desk top, so I won't forget to check in to see what you are all doing.
Hope to see you all soon

26 January 2009

Figured it out

Hi everyone,
Thanks to Laura for helping me I think I finally figured this out. Hope to see everyone on Saturday at Jitterz for some coffee and lots of knitting. Hope everyone is staying warm. I plan to bring some of my projects that I have completed ( yes actually completed) with me on Saturday. Hope to see ya all there.

14 January 2009

post-meeting update

After the meeting last night, I have added a couple of new links: Webs and The Knitter. Both websites are carrying the new Addi interchangable needles for about the same price ($150). The kit is needle sizes 5-14 US.

There is also going to be a Sticks and Stitches outing to a Blue Jackets game, Feb 21st (puck drops at 7). This is being put on by the Knitters Merch (link on side). For $30 you will receive a ticket, hotdog, popcorn, soft drink and a Blue Jacket's cap. Last year they had over a 100 knitters come out for it. If you are interested in going, your money needs to be at the Merch by the 1st of Feb. I know that Linda and Laura are going and many at the meeting sounded interested. If you are interested, shoot out an email to Becky.

Take care and knit well.

08 January 2009


For the last few months, I have only been knitting socks. Forget scarves, blankets and anything else... if it ain't socks, it ain't happenin' at my house! So, in my great sock recipe search, I have come across this great sock registry.

This website will lead you other websites with free sock recipes that are really cute (and free)!

07 January 2009

Trying to get time to blog?!

I am really having a hard time be able to knit with the holidays being so crazy. I do want to finish the Fair Isle sweater I started a while back before I get into to much new stuff. Also I just wanted to make sure everyone knows the meeting will start at 630 again next week due to having a speaker come on the grace haven project

06 January 2009

Happy Epiphany!

Does anyone have any New Year's Knitting Resolutions that they would like to share? I have promised myself that I will Finish A Baby Blanket. I only have a few on needles currently, so one of them should do the trick! And a I have a few (only 3 pairs) of promised socks to finish, so that can be accomplished somewhat quickly. Somewhat is the operative word in that sentance. Hopefully this snow will keep me in the house and knitting like a fiend.

I'll see you all next week at guild!!!